From necessity to luxury and almost anything in between, modular buildings can be outfitted for almost any service under the sun.


  • 0.5mm Corrugated iron roof sheets.
  • 0.6mm IBR roof sheets.
  • 0.6mm Chromadeck  IBR or Corrugated roof sheets
  • Harvey roof tiles
  • Fibre-cement roof sheets

Exterior walls:

  • 9mm Fibre-cement board (painted)
  • 9mm Nutec Vermount panel (painted)

Insulation: outside walls and ceilings

  • 50mm fiberglass “think pink”
  • 100mm fiberglass “think pink”
  • Sisalation
  • 50mm polystyrene
  • As if you weren’t given enough choices with the exterior, the interior options available for your modular building can be even more plentiful!:

Interior Walls:

  • 12.6mm Drywall (painted)

Interior Floors:

  • Vinyl tiles
  • Carpet tiles
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Wood laminated
  • Concrete


  • 6.4mm Drywall
  • Suspended ceiling


  • aluminium and glass storefront silhouette
  • solid and hollow core wood



  • aluminium
  • single pane or double thick(intruder proof or double gazed with airgap)
  • fixed
  • horizontal slide


  • fluorescent

Climate Control:

  • Under floor heating
  • wall-mounted units
  • pad-mounted units
  • roof-top units
  • window-mounted units
  • through-wall mounting